Current GOTU projects

Here you can find infos about the most current Gotu releases.

Displaced - A demopart in Crackers' Demo IV.

This part features a zoomer lense sprite on the logo and a 45 degree changing-height scroll.

Continuity - A 16k compo nomination in 2003.

A Commodore 16 compatible demo with plasma and landscape parts.


The Laser Squad project

They do not fear. They do not feel pain. They do not hate you. They just want to get you.

This cool game was converted by TGMS. We love to play with it, and it was too easy. So, Paul hacked the game and found out some interesting things. It was just a small step to write a setup for the game to customize the settings. Now, we release the Cyber Hordes level of Laser Squad, as this is one of the bests against computer. Aslo, this GOTU version works under the Minus4 emulator, because Paul rewrote the keyboard routines in it.You can also play it online in our Play online section.


Here is a picture from a great battle, where we divided the receivable victory points for killing droids by 3 and set the maximum victory points to 250. This means that using original values you must reach 750 percent!!! to win. I won. Can you do it?

This is how your screen will look like...


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