This section deals with certain new hardwares that can be used with your plus4 machine. Here you will find blueprints for constructing the hardwares as well as supporting software for your new gadgets. If anyone is unable to construct the listed hardwares just order it from us.


Let's start this section with an interesting gadget, the light-pen. You will need a joystick plug and various other things to construct this...

First, here you see the pins of the joystick port. The light-pen uses only 3 of them: pin 1, 2 and 6.

Now here is the blueprint. You will find here which components are where to be connected. You need 3 resistors. They are 10, 18 and 33 kilo Ohms. You also need 3 NPN transistors ( BC 108 C, BC 237 and another BC 237 or you can substitute it with a BC 182.), a photodiode (receiver) and a 200 nF condensator.
This kind of light-pen allows you freehand draw as well as connecting lines, creating circles and click on icons. Just download the software and USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Credits: Prototype supplied by Paul of GOTU (unknown origin)
             Supporting software by unknown author.
             Blueprint by Sacek of GOTU
             Pc drawing by me. (LaViNa of GOTU)

Software:  demo      drawing utility

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