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This section delivers you some cool pictures related to Gotu. If you have pics about the old plus/4 life, please scan and send it to me! The next pictures are from Global Pardey II. back in 1994 Debrecen, Hungary. Thanx for some of the original pictures to Unreal of MX and Lacoste of WLS.

1    Shadow of Gotu being hit on the head by some WLS guy...

2    Freddy of Gotu (left) and Coby of MX on the right side.

3    TCFS coding Lemmings...Is it ever finished?!

4    Crafty and Lacoste of WLS (right side)

5    LVN (me) thinking about some effects...

6   A moment from the party.

7   The Plus/4 members of the party.

8   Freddy is sleeping... I am Freddy, ain't I lame?

9   Paul of Gotu is sleeping after some bottles of beer.


11 TCFS imitating Terminator2 for Harry and Paul.

12 Shadow, Coby, Unreal.

13 Ninja of GS showing the poster of the party.

14 Crafty of Hypoflex as Terminator.

15 SJP and Oscar from the EVS crew.

16 Some GOTU members.

17 TCFS watching his Lemmings working on Plus4. (!!!)

18 My room (LVN) and my coding seat with my own plusi. Also the place of  Mental Hangover  party in Mateszalka.

Next, let's see some goodies scanned by me to preserve them for future generations :) The original plans can also serve as maps for the games.

Gotu members  This nice cartoon was drawn by Shadow of Gotu.

And Justice for All  The disk cover for the party demo signed by the participants.

Gotu Megadisk I.  The disk cover of the first Gotu Megadisk.

Deep Space  The original plan for the adventure game "Mélyűr".

Robomutant  Original plan for Robomutant.

Parastorm 1  Original plans for the "Térvihar" adventure game, first two scenes.

Parastorm 2  Original plans for the "Térvihar" adventure game, third, pyramid scene.

Secret Angent  This is the original "Titkosügynök" adventure plan.

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