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Thanks to Mike Dailly and the Java version of his fabulous Minus4 emulator, now You can enjoy our games and demos online. Big thanx flies to Lando for helping me and for the Minus4 logo. Just click on the desired program and sit back to enjoy it as the emu loads. This page is under heavy construction and hopefully I will add many-many new stuff here all the time so check back often to play and have fun! If You need help, go to the help page

Games: 22 files Demos: 32 files Miscellaneous: 5 files


Hunter - shoot'em up game

Beamphobia - logical game

Laser Squad: Cyber Hordes GOLD edition - strategy game

Ewox - small cute game

Nintendo Worx - The intro to my game

Nintendo Worx - Arcade game

Robomutant - Arcade/adventure game

West Bank - arcade game

Space Castle - Adventure game with pictures, Hungarian language



Imagine UTG - one part from the demo

10 Years Plus4 - one part from the demo

...And Justice For All - Party demo

...And Justice For All - Party demo

...And Justice For All - Party demo

GOTU Megademo II. - one part from the demo

Headbanger part 1. - My four parts demo

Headbanger part 2. - My four parts demo

Headbanger part 3. - My four parts demo

Headbanger part 4. - My four parts demo

Party in Eger 1. - Party demo

Party in Eger 2. - Party demo

Party in Eger 3. - Party demo

Demon - demo by Action

Last power - demo by Action

Harry gfx-box 1. - gfx demo

Harry gfx-box 2. - gfx demo

Intoxication - Demo by Kiki

Faith No More - Demo by Kiki

Gyulavári Party Demo - Demo by Kiki

Garfield Gfx Box - Demo by Kiki

Another Garfield demo - Demo by Kiki

Shadow Gfx-Box 1. - Demo by Freddy & Shadow

Shadow Gfx-Box 2. - Demo by Freddy & Shadow

Continuity - 16k Demo by Lavina for the 4ever03 party

Displaced - Crackers' Demo IV. demopart


The Gotu Megadisk I.

Acidball - Arcade game

Beamphobia 2 - logical game

Chtulu - logical game

Constipation - Hungarian diskmag

Harry Gfx-box 4 - Demo with pictures

Harry Gfx-box 5 - Demo with pictures

Letter-Battle - Small logical game

Running man - Small demo with an animation

Readme.txt - Release notes


The Gotu Megadisk II.

The Intro - Small introduction to the Megadisk

Five Magics - "Funny box" part of our megademo

Five Magics - "Sinus morph" part of our megademo

Five Magics - "Plasma" part of our megademo

X-base - Text adventure game

Mystic crystal - Text adventure game

Secret agent - Text adventure game

Parastorm - Text adventure game

Deepspace - Text adventure game

Pulsar 7 - Adventure game with pictures

The Circus - Adventure game with pictures

Time machine - Adventure game with pictures

Waxworks - Adventure game with pictures

X-Wing - Starfighter simulator

Readme.txt - Release notes


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