Old Gotu programs

Here you will find all kinds of plus/4 programs Gotu ever released or took part in the project. Note that there are cool Ftp sites, for example C64.RULEZ.ORG or FTP.FUNET.FI where you can find louds of stuff for the plus/4. These files are in prg or D64 format, email me, if you do not know anything about transfering stuff between pc and plus/4. You can view them with the Minus4 emulator on your pc, too (see links). So click to the prg you wish to download:

HEADBANG.ZIP      This one file demo called Headbanger and this was my first own demo on plus/4. It contains 4 parts crunched together.

NINTENDO.ZIP       Nintendo Worx was my first assembly game... It is quite lame, but i like it.

ROBOMUTA.ZIP     This was my second game, called Robomutant. It is interesting. See it!

BEAMPHOB.ZIP    This was my first logical game, called Beamphobia.

EWOX.ZIP              Small game by Action of Gotu called Ewox.

HUNTER.ZIP          Shoot-em-up game by Action of Gotu called Hunter.

LOGICTRN.ZIP      First logical game of Action called Logictrainer.

STARWARS.ZIP    A small strategic game by Action, called Star Wars.

MITOSZOK.ZIP    Hungarian version of one of my text-adventure games,called Mítoszok  Gyémántja. The English version is part of Gotu Megadisk II.

TERVIHAR.ZIP    Another Hungarian LVN Adventure game called Térvihar.The English  version is on the Megadisk II

MELYUR.ZIP      This is my fifth and last adventure game in Hungarian called Mélyur. The  translation is also ready.

ACTION.ZIP       This demo is by Action of Gotu. I think this was his first (Action Demo)

DEMON.ZIP        Another small demo by Action... Called Demon.

FAITH_NO.ZIP   An old Gotu demo by Kiki, called Faith No More.

GARFIELD.ZIP   This one sided demo features Garfield jokes with nice pictures. Unfortunately  this is in Hungarian. The title  is Garfield's Day. Nice GFX by Shadow of Gotu.

GOTUDISK.ZIP  This is the first Gotu Megadisk. It contains games, dentros, mags.

GOTUMDE1.ZIP This is the first Gotu Megademo.

GOTUMDE2.ZIP The Gotu Megademo II. coded by a lot of Gotu members. Two sides...

HARRYGB1.ZIP  The first Harry Gfx-Box.

HARRYGB2.ZIP  The second Harry Gfx-Box.

INTOXICA.ZIP   Another old demo from Kiki. Title is Intoxication.

LAST_POW.ZIP  Demo by Action called Last Power.

LBM_EMER.ZIP  This is the LBM-Emery Gfx-Box.

OUTRUN.ZIP      A nice demo by TLC of Gotu. It features music and gfx from Turbo Outrun.

P_EGER.ZIP        Party in Eger. This was the first party I have ever taken part in. (Lod-Gotu)

P_EGER_D.ZIP        Party in Eger DISK. The disk version of the demo

SPRNEWS1.ZIP  A crazy magazine by Harry called Super News.

SPRNEWS2.ZIP  The second issue of Super News.

SPRNEWS3.ZIP  The third and last issue of Super News.

MISSINGW.ZIP This is a cool GFX-BOX with LBM code and BBM gfx: Missing Worlds.

ILLEGALC.ZIP  This document details the non-standard opcodes of the plus4: Illegal Codes.

TLCMEGA.ZIP  This is the First TLC Megademo.

GMD2.ZIP This is the Gotu Megadisk II.

WESTBANK.ZIP This is another small game by Action called West Bank.

SHADOW GFXBOX1.ZIP The first gfx demo by Shadow: Shadow GFX-BOX I.

SHADOW GFXBOX2.ZIP The second gfx demo by Shadow: Shadow GFX-BOX II.

FLYING CHIP.ZIP One small demo with a full screen amination called Flying Chip.

MENTAL HANGOVER.ZIP This is one good party demo made in my room: Mental Hangover.

AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.ZIP This is the biggest party demo ever. I gave the name of it: And Justice For All....

ANOTHER_G_D.ZIP This is one of the first demos from KIKI: Another Garfield Demo.

SPACE_CASTLE.ZIP A small adventure game with GFX called Space Castle.

GOTU_DEMO.ZIP KIKI's first demo with Szőke: GOTU DEMO.

GYP_DEMO.ZIP A small demo called Gyulavári Party Demo.

GARF_GFXBOX.ZIP Another demo by KIKI called Garfield Gfx Box.

DIGI_DANGER1.ZIP A digi demo by BOB called Digi Danger 1.


Adding more soon...

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