This part informs you from upcoming 8bit parties, and you will also find flashback on parties I took part. Please inform me, if you know anything about new parties in the world in order to tell it to everyone to BE THERE!!! That's what parties are made for....

We nicely finished the 4ever03 party in Szeged, where I entered the new GOTU demo to the contest.

You can get party reports and pictures on the Plus4 World ( Search "4ever03" on the site

and You will find all the nominations and news concerning the event." and

Party report: The Coproduction trackmo reached 2nd place at SceneCON 2003 retrocompo!!!

Trackmo coded by the Beast of MX
GFX artworx by UNREAL of MX
C64 FX part by MURPHY of GS
Support code by LAVINA of GOTU (last minute works)
Support code by TLC of CNS (altered sidplayer, last minute works)
Support code by BUBIS of RSC (altered exomizer decrunch routine)
Music by LUCA of FIRE
There are still missing but ready parts yet to be included (for example by STEVE of SCN) and lots of debugging.
Hope that 100% version will be released soon.

Visit the Plus4 World for more party pictures

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