Here are some nice screenshots from released Gotu programs...

The loader selection part of Gotu Megademo II.

My logical game called Beamphobia

The Party in Eger demo.

My another logical game called Chtulu on the Gotu Megadisk I

.A Gotu coproduction game called Acidball on Megadisk I

A nice self-drawn picture in the Harry Gfx-box on the Megadisk.

A battlescreenshot from X-WING...

Paul's another converted game on the Megadisk called Ringwars.

My part in the Ten Years +4 Demo.

A nice game by Action with Harry gfx. Called Ewox.

The Sinus Morph part in the Five Magics Demo on Megadisk II.

The intro of my old text adventure games on GOTU Megadisk II.

The Plasma Part in the Five Magics Demo with waving scroll.

Opening screen of Paul's X wing V2.0 on the Megadisk II.

My part in Crackers' Demo IV. It features a zooming lense sprite on logo, and 45 degrees scroll

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